The Lounge is a quarterly talkback show where we tackle relevant topics with the help of an expert guest.

The event is designed to strike a balance between being laid-back, yet thought-provoking. For this special night, our humble hall is transformed into a studio lounge where we host interviews, serve coffee and play live music.

Other staple segments include a Q&A session where audience members can text in questions which are answered live, and a life story segment where we get up-close and personal with a member of our church.

All in all, our goal – apart from showing you a good Friday night – is to inspire real conversations about things that matter.

Previous events have featured former state treasurer Mike Baird on finance, Sky News Anchor Leigh Hatcher on the media and sexologist Patricia Weerakoon on sex.

Go to The Lounge Facebook page where you can find videos and information about upcoming events.